ANZCA Final Exam Resources

Approach to SAQs


Aim to stick to 10 mins per question as much as possible - getting a few marks for each question is likely to be fairly straightforward but there will be diminishing returns for additional time investment
Absolutely MUST finish the paper and allocate a reasonable amount of time to each question, otherwise low-hanging fruit is going to be missed

Individual Questions

What TYPE of question is being asked? What structure(s) are most likely appropriate to this type of question?
What terms need to be DEFINED to demonstrate knowledge and provide context for answering the question?
Before diving into the specifics of the question, can you demonstrate to the examiner your grasp of the concepts involved, either through an ISSUES or a GOALS list?
What specific KEYWORDS have been used in the question that lend themselves to a formulated approach?
PERIOPERATIVE: pre-op, intra-op, post-op
PREOPERATIVE: history, examination, investigations, communication
INTRAOPERATIVE: preparation, induction, maintenance, emergence
POSTOPERATIVE: disposition, follow-up
Is a specific patient POPULATION relevant to the question?
PAEDIATRIC: appropriate location, consent, premedication, IV access
OBSTETRIC: appropriate location, pregnancy complications, airway
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