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Structures & Approach

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Anaesthetic Viva

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General Approach to Answering Scenario Questions

It is possible to either adopt a categorised approach or highlight the critical issues
Structured approach
Create a known category or make your own
Give the headings first (not necessarily required if this is a common structure, e.g. A-E approach)
Then give detail
Therefore you demonstrate a complete answer without going into unnecessary detail
Critical issue
Finding and highlighting the reason that makes this scenario so different to normal
Often combining both approach is best, e.g.
In addition to my usual assessment (categorised) I am particularly concerned about the large thyroid mass (critical issue). My specific concerns are:
- Cardiac or respiratory compromise
- Thyroid status
- Whether the lesion is malignant

Difficult Decisions

I would make all reasonable attempts to address [x, y, z issues]. However, assuming [a, b, c] I would proceed with [management].
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