ANZCA Final Exam Resources
Day 1

SAQ Masterclass


Do lots and lots and lots of SAQs
Do them in 8 minutes rather than 10
Do them with the intention of being marked

Planning Time

Underline key words
Think about structure
Think about order
Consider spending the most time on the last five questions (generate substantial plan) so that if you’re running out of time it’s easier to


Be aware of the specific requirements for the type of question asked (e.g. justify)
COMPARE: consider table structure (e.g. similarities vs differences)
CONTRAST: outline the differences between two things (not the similarities); consider table structure as well
DESCRIBE: give a detailed account; needs good structure
DISCUSS: talking about options/considerations without necessarily giving an opinion about what you might do
EVALULATE: why is this thing worthwhile? why would you incorporate it into your anaesthetic? what is the evidence?
JUSTIFY: make a decision and talk about why you would make that particular decision
LIST: categorise with minimal explanation


Patient/surgical/anaesthetic factors (e.g. what are the issues, what are the risk factors, list the factors associated with ...)
Pre-/intra-/post-op (e.g. outline the perioperative ..., what are the anaesthetic considerations, etc)
Induction/maintenance/emergency (e.g. what is your anaesthetic plan, how will you anaesthetise this patient)

What If Everything Goes Wrong

Don’t panic
Start again
Put in big headings
Use dot points

General Tips

Read questions carefully
Answer the question that is asked
Look at the allocated percentages and allocate time accordingly
You will lose marks for:
Incorrect information
Correct information but poor structure (e.g. poor prioritisation)
What are examiners looking for?
Answer to the question
Relevant information
Appropriate detail
Show and understanding
Point form okay
Caution with abbreviations (use only known, appropriate ones)
Leave spacing so it’s neater (e.g. consider writing on every second line so gaps can be filled in later)
Write legibly
Consider opening sentence
Consider definitions
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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