ANZCA Final Exam Resources
Day 2

Exam Strategy/Technique

Address chatter
Box breathing
Beat The Stress Fool!
(B) reathe
(T) alk (self)
(S) ee (mental rehearsal)
(F) ocus with trigger word
Power posing
David JP Phillips talks
Vocal control
Increase volume by 10%
Pitch variation
Tone inflection
Body language
Meaningful eye contact
Purposeful gestures
Maintain good posture
Control your expressions
Nail the first couple of minutes as examiner memory is biased towards beginning and end
If you make a mistake, reset by
Staying calm
Ask for a moment and the question
Actively listen
Pause and reflect
Maintain eye contact, body, talk slowly
Let it go
Consistent rehearsal
Practice talking to yourself, with study buddies and examiners
Record yourself
Practice stems from the college website
Visualise resetting
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